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PLAE Achieve

Best forSports

Achieve’s 3mm top layer delivers solid-grip technology, indentation resistance and boosted color retention, so you can stay focused on crushing your workout without risk of slip-related injuries

Achieve’s patented fusion process creates an unbreakable seal, combining the system’s dual layers into a premier surface that will not separate or weaken, regardless of what you drop on it over any period of time.

Developed alongside respected strength coaches around the world, Achieve’s highly aggressive Plaetech foundation layer absorbs maximum shock on impact, diminishing barbell bounce and easing joint stress while simultaneously delivering ideal energy return levels for safer training and drastically boosted performance.

Thickness: 8mm, 13mm, 18mm

Roll Length: 25’

Weight Per Area: 1.5, 2.7, 4.1 lbs./sq. foot

Roll Width: 4’

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