Ponsonby Primary School - Playground

Job Name: Ponsonby Primary School
Contract Value: $135,000 plus GST
Dates: January – February 2023
Size: 450sqm
Supplier: APT
  • New Playground as per Design
  • Games area / Whirlpool / Four Square
  • Soft Fall
  • Comfort Elite
  • Proballer
Consultant / Project Manager: GameOn Turf
Head Contractor: GameOn Turf
Sub Contractors: Playground Centre
  • Remove existing playground
  • Design and new install with Playground Centre
  • Baseworks to get to heights
  • New installation games area
  • Middle of Flaxmere Park
Referee: Sanjay Rama - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.