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We’ve installed and supplied our artificial turf for multi sports uses in schools and facilities across New Zealand and our supplier; Grassman turf have installed around the globe. With over 37 years experience our turf have been the preferred product of choice for over 37 years. Developed to strict Australian Standards, our artificial grass has been designed specifically to create safe, environmentally friendly and versatile fields and playgrounds. Check out our other sports surfaces including Cricket, Tennis, Bowls and Football

School Sports

Real grass can create dust and in the winter time become muddy and unplayable for some outdoor activities. Also needs to be treated with chemicals and require maintenance budget to mow and water and under shaded areas grass might not grow at all.

We offer a perfect solution that is safe for kids, comfortable surfaces that offer great playing and soft fall capabilities. We can cover large areas quickly at a reasonable budget giving your field all year, durable that look great


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